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Meat Eaters R’ Us

FRESH perspective on the food chain

By Kevin Reese

To All HuntersAs an outdoor writer, photographer, videographer and speaker in the outdoor industry I’ve successfully made work out of hunting; unfortunately, I’ve been so busy writing about hunting recently, that I haven’t had many opportunities to hunt at all. My outdoor work is finally starting to wind down but deer season is all but over and only two whitetails fell victim to my stick and string.

It’s also worth mentioning that I’m so immersed in outdoor communications that I don’t watch very many hunting shows at all – a bricklayer doesn’t want to lay bricks then go home and watch bricklaying on television, even if that his is life’s passion.

That said, I do have a guilty pleasure. I’m addicted to Duck Dynasty. Worse, I created a couple of other addicts; my wife and son can’t get enough. We even blew duck calls at midnight on New Year’s Eve. I must admit I was the only one in the family that actually sounded like a duck; of course, I’m also the only duck hunter in our family so I suppose the gross difference in calling technique wasn’t such an anomaly.

During a recent family viewing, Jase Robertson echoed my sentiments, “I don’t like grocery store meat. It scares me.” Disliking purchased meat has less to do with taste and much more to do with the disassociation it creates between us and the brutal reality we call the food chain. A perfect example of this tragic circumstance was sent to me via email years ago. The email was simple, “LOL” with an attached image. Opening the image I found a newspaper clipping that read, “You ought to go to the store and buy the meat that was made there, where no animals were harmed.” Sadly, the same person that submitted that gem also votes.

Newsflash – ALL meat comes from living things; in fact, all food sources come from living things whether directly or indirectly – meat, fruit, veggies, all of it. Wouldn’t you rather take an active role Click here for more information on The Mindful Carnivore!in what you provide for your family? Like my hunting brothers and sisters, I choose to take an active, responsible role in providing sustenance. Where most people live in that disconnect, we are intimately, blood-under-the-fingernails aware of our role and the significance of taking life to sustain life.

With the close of deer season, it seems that your backwoods grocery store is locking its doors, making for a pretty dismal postseason outlook for meat-seating hunter’s throughout our region, and soon, across the nation. The last time I checked I didn’t see coyote or bobcat entrees littering restaurant menus. For many, hunting is over until spring, full freezers or not.  But living in our Lone Star state, especially here in our area, provides infinite opportunities to stock freezers year round.

With an estimated 2 to 3 million feral hogs rooting up the neighborhood, it’s safe to say we are overrun. The bad news is that feral hogs predate bird eggs (including quail, turkey, and others) and other small and young animals, including other hogs. Rooting also causes immense damage to land as hogs root for grubs, roots, shoots and other tasty morsels in the soil. Rooting injures livestock, destroys farm and ranch machinery, and negatively impacts both the landscape and our fragile ecosystem, especially where other wildlife are concerned.

Kevin Reese rootingOver $400 million in damage is caused annually in Texas alone by feral hogs. They are not native but invasive and compete with indigenous Texas wildlife like whitetail deer for more than just food sources, but habitat as a whole – and, they are winning.

So, what does that mean for red blooded, meat eating, conservation minded hunters? It means hunting feral hogs is not only fun, it helps combat a real problem! Even better, that freezer of yours, hungry for packages of organic red meat, can be fed year round. There are no bag limits or time constraints. Hunt day or night, seven days a week if you’ve got the time. Dust off your britches, pick up your rifle or bow and go hunt. With our feral hog population Corsicana freezers have a bright, bright future.

Hunt hard, hunt often.

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Tactical Hunting: Sir, Yes, Sir!

Much to the dismay of piers morgan, diane Feinstein and willie nelson

(names intentionally not capitalized out of respect… or lack thereof)

By Kevin Reese

BR10-smMy pop once told me I might fit into my dress blues if I used bungee cords; the truth hurts. Looking at me it’s hard to believe I spent eight years in the Marines. In all honestly, I’m not that bad off… I’m just not that well off; I could stand a few months of nonstop treadmill work. Beyond reminiscing about my life as a Marine and wishing I still looked the part, I miss many aspects of active duty life – chief among them being camaraderie and my trusty M-16 A2 Service Rifle.

I wasn’t a huge promoter of 62-grain 5.56 Ball NATO ammunition but it seemed to be sufficient. I qualified every year as a rifle expert and later in my second enlistment as a pistol sharpshooter, qualifying with an original Colt 1911 that had been in Marine Corps service for over 75 years and was still a sweet shooter.

Kevin 3d SRIG-editedAssimilating to civilian life, including civilian shooting was a tall order. On the firing line, I had difficulty adjusting to traditional hunting rifles. I began looking at AR-15 rifles to regain that comfort level I had with my M-16 A2. As an avid hunter on an extremely tight budget, I recall how badly I wanted to purchase one of the Colt AR-15’s I drooled over as I passed by them in the PX. It looked exactly like my M-16 but was semi-automatic; it even had the bayonet stud. Perhaps I arrived at my justification before my time but I thought, back in the late 80’s, the AR-15 would make a great hunting rifle. Certainly, when I was honorably discharged in 1996 and searching for that comfort level I had achieved with my M-16 A2, the AR-15 was my only reasonable option.

chriskevinSeveral years ago, good friend and fellow Marine Corps veteran, Chris Reed, History Channel’s Top Shot season 2 winner, talked about his desire to do more tactical-styled hunting. We talked about tactical hunting often and he eventually restored my fervor for AR platform rifles, something I hadn’t experienced in years. I had been too immersed in bowhunting to stop and realize my passion for modern sporting rifles had slowed to a low-crawl. in the end, I can thank Chris for drawing that passion back to the surface once again, this time for the long haul.

Long range Bolt Action by Kevin ReeseWhile I still bowhunt religiously, I have expanded once again to rifle shooting. My CZ-USA Model 3 .300 WSM is back in the game and more importantly, so is my Smith & Wesson (S&W) MP15T Tactical 5.56. For long range shooting, my Alpen Apex 6-24x50mm scope is the only way to go and I’ve dialed my S&W MP15T Tactical in at 600 yards; however, here in Texas most shots are much closer and my routine hog hunting is predominantly at night.

That said, my AimPoint H34S Hunter is the perfect lowlight/night optic for hunting and shooting within 300 yards and now rests atop my AR-15. The Alpen Apex scope, trusted for long distances precision accuracy, reclaimed its 600+ yard throne to reign over my CZ-USA . Both are topped with HHA Optimizer Horizon mounts. The Horizon allows me to calibrate for bullet drop out to 600 yards and is incredibly accurate. Once the Horizon is calibrated I simply dial in the range within 5 yards, up to 600 yards out, and put the crosshairs on target; there is no need for hold-over or mil-dots. I’ve also outfitted my S&W MP15T with a Crimson Trace Rail Master CMR-201 Laser smithwessonmp15t-2and Hawglite Helios H250. The Helios H250 is a rail-mounted lighting system with a remote switch that delivers a blinding red, green or white led light with a remote switch I’ve attached to the handguard. I also ordered a Harris bipod from Brownell’s to round out my tactical hunting rifle and have since set out on a series of new adventures that send memories of days gone by flooding back into my brain-housing-group.

Like many of our Sportsman Elite loyalist, I cut my teeth shooting every can I could as a kid and honed my skills with military training that has carried over well into my hunting success. More importantly, it broadened my perspective on modern sporting rifles like the AR-15 and the diverse ways we can employ them for self-defense as well as recreational shooting and hunting.

smithwessonmp15tI’ve heard arguments on both sides of the fence, from Piers Morgan backers like Willie Nelson who believes semi-automatic AR-15’s should only be used by military and police (I’ve since thrown all my Willie albums in the trash – sorry I just can’t stomach his position on gun ontrol!), to the well-thought-out ideology of our Lone Star State Senator, Ted Cruz, who educated a nearly catatonic diane feinstein on the differences between a semi-automatic rifle that happens to be black and a bolt action rifle… rather the lack of differences between them!

BHbipod5My pop also once told me “You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything” – well, he told me many things and I tried to remember the important ones. This is an issue I do take a stand on. I choose to roll my eyes and the irresponsible of ramblings of people like Morgan, Nelson and feinstein (I never dreamed that I would group Willie with California’s waste of a senate seat – Willie’s always been wasted anyway) while I stand with my brothers-and-sisters-in-arms who undoubtedly would love to venture into the hunting woods with an AR-platform rifle that, while offering only a single-shot firing option, does cater to those creature comforts we identify with through service to our beloved country. It’s also worth mentioning that a while back, California senator, Leland Yee, a staunch supporter of gun control even arguing for outright gun bans was arrested and indicted on serious gun-trafficking charges. What’s wrong with that picture?

Read more about Senator Yee here:

So, what’s my message to my fellow Navarro County hunters and shooting enthusiasts on AR-15’s and other modern sporting rifles in the woods? Take ‘em if you got ‘em! I choose to unify our front rather than divide our ranks with ignorant rhetoric and feinstein fascism. I suppose my position came with the commitment to uphold our Second Amendment, along with every other word in the Constitution, unlike some other folks. Of course, I also happen to believe an AR-15 is perfect for more than personal defense, it’s also great for hog and predator hunting!

comeandtakeitThat “Come and take it” perspective was born from military training and the knowledge that “we the people” rule the roost. Equally as important, it came from my proactive approach to real freedom. Whether you choose to shoot a bow, bolt action rifle, AR-15, 1911, revolver, muzzleloader or even Crosman’s ridiculously cool Benjamin Rogue .357-Caliber Air Rifle, get out there and do it! While you’re out there, thank every past and present warrior in our nation’s illustrious history for preserving your right to do so!

Hunt hard, hunt often and hunt with a modern sporting rifle like the AR-15, or better yet, with an ol’ Remington 700 BDL .300 resurrected with a McRees Prescision BR10 Chassis if that’s what turns your rotors! Whatever you choose, just get out there, enjoy God’s creation and eat well.


A standard Remington bolt action rifle fitted with a HUNT READY McRees Precision BR10 Chassis (



Deer Hunting: Late Season is a Game Changer

By Kevin Reese

Christmas Credit Where It’s Due… Before we talk late season hunting, Kelly, Jacob and I would like to wish you and your families the merriest of Christmases this year. Our prayer through this holiday season is simply that you know, understand and embrace the Reason for the season. Make a simple birthday song your newest Christmas tradition. Santa is one cool cat but not nearly as awesome as the Lion and the Lamb. Give credit where it’s due this Christmas and commit random acts of kindness.

That said, let’s talk hunting…

Mike Kormos, Editor at the Corsicana Daily Sun, in Corsicana, TX, takes a nice 8-pt. buck!

Corsicana, Texas resident, Mike Kormos and a nice 8-Pt.

Late season deer hunting, fraught with the challenges of downright cold temps and bucks that have decided the nightlife is better for their health. Too often, it seems, deer lockdown after the rut, while does still dot the landscape on occasion, bucks have wised-up and don’t care nearly as much about the does as they did weeks earlier. Food sources change, too. Acorns are on the ground, others sources have dried up or gone… the changing season seems to change EVERTHING we know about deer hunting from the early season through the rut.

I often remind people that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results. Consistently hunting an area, or hunting it the same way is never a good idea; after all, if food sources, activity, temperatures and down-and-dirty deer behavior (rut) have all changed, why wouldn’t you change the way and places you hunt?

It’s easy for us to get stuck in a routine; it’s a path of least resistance – we don’t have to change anything – same Bat channel, same Bat time. Unfortunately the fault in our logic often is that as much as we think we have deer patterned, by mid-season they have likely patterned us; they know the paths we take to our stands or blinds and know where those setups are located. You might get the surprise of your life if you change the setup. More than once, simple changes have been the difference between seeing nothing… AGAIN, and killing the buck of a lifetime.

Consider trading in your regular spot for something less expected. Don’t be afraid to scout and find prospective areas during a quiet, scent controlled mid-day browse but stay away from known bedding areas and keep your bow or rifle with you – you just never know – stranger things have happened. Consider predominant winds when you find signs of deer activity like scat, scrapes, hoof prints, rubs, etc. Set up your blind or stand on the downwind side of observed activity. After setting up a stand or blind in a new location stay out of the area for several days, if possible, before returning to hunt.

Consider what it is exactly you are hunting over and whether interest in those food and water sources change as temperatures drop, acorns fall and the season progresses. How does the change from fall to winter alter activity and food sources? Are they rutting? Is that trail if front of your setup still used? Is water close by? Is it still their first or only choice? Use changes in weather and activity as the measuring stick you use to grade the effectiveness of your current position. Is it time to change your game? When deer have disappeared, your only option is to find out where they went.

Hunt funnels, pinch points, water sources, trails and areas with heavy acorn concentration or other desirable food sources; ask any hunter sitting over a feeder what happens when the acorns fall. In short, those changes must define where and how you hunt. Hunting over active sign as the season progresses makes infinitely more sense than sticking to the same old setup because you saw a buck working a scrape in early October. The lesson here is, “The only constant is change.”

A lack of success spanning the season can be more than frustrating; it can be downright mentally and physically draining. Human nature, if not kept in check, is to see your cup half empty. Pessimism is a hunter, too. It invades your thoughts and manipulates your decisions. Remember how many times Thomas Edison learned how NOT to make a light bulb? You may remember my pop’s best advice; I’ve made mention of it many times, “If you ask a thousand girls to dance, one of ’em’s gonna’ say, ‘Yes.’” There is nothing truer in our pursuit of wild game although there are times you must change the way you ask the question or approach the “girl”. Often, your biggest hurdle is yourself. Be a warrior against pessimism and a champion of tenacity. Attitude is everything; it either keeps you indoors or pushes you in the woods for another day of celebrating our outdoor heritage no matter the odds or the outcome. “You can’t win if you don’t play!” I’ll see you in the woods.

Hunt hard, hunt often.

TIPS FOR A GREAT HUNTING PHOTO: Be in natural settings, not in the back of a truck or a garage floor. Clean up as much blood as you can. RESPECT THE ANIMAL. Keep rifle barrels pointed away from people. Take the photo from a lower position… your deer will grow! Consider if you would frame the photo and place it on your mantle. If you would, great! If not, take the time to get it right.

Brian Beauchamp Buck 2014-sm


Cam-O-Bunk Bunk Bed Cot System Rises to the Top of Outdoor Sleeping

By Kevin Reese

Photoscape samplePursuing my passion outdoors as a lover of God’s creation, avid hunter, seasoned outdoor communicator and even, as you’ll see, a speaker, still leads to many primitive camping opportunities. Whether my assignments and adventures (often one in the same) lead to remote hunting trips, fishing excursions or just plain camping, I love it most in the company of others, especially my family. Each year, I also look forward to CrossTImbers’ Family Archery Adventure Camp in near Norman, Oklahoma, where most of us camp primitively and some of us are blessed to teach archery, shooting and hunting seminars to the young campers and their parents. It was in preparation for this camp recently, along with the knowledge that this time I would be sharing tent space with my younger brother, James Reese, and pseudo-brother, Brian Magee, from Fired Up Outdoors TV that I began a search for gear that I thought either might make us more comfortable or at least accommodate the three of us with a substantial amount of camping and instructional gear. My search landed me at where I quickly found the Cam-O-Bunk XL. As soon as the web page populated I knew I had found something amazing.

camobunk8One of the most amazing, innovative camping products I’ve come across in all of my outdoor years, Disc-O-Bed’s Cam-O-Bunk XL Bunk Bed Cot System rises above the “cot-petition” if there is any to be had, and “stacks up” comfort better than any camp bedding I’ve ever come across, especially considering eight years of gritty, active duty Marine Corps living!

I received my Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk Cot System just days before the family adventure camp, not as a result of slow shipping, Dis-O-Bed was incredibly responsive; rather, as a result of ordering at the last moment. I did not have time to unpack or inspect it before leaving, I simply loaded the soft carrying cases with rest of my gear and headed north.

camobunk3Upon arriving at the campground and picking the perfect spot, I pulled the soft cases out, laid them on the ground and opened them up. The contents were packed and protected incredibly well with detailed assembly instructions on top. The frame pieces are comprised of heavy-duty anti-rust, powder coated steel components; honestly, there wasn’t a scratch to be found. I studied the instructions for a few minute and began building. I erected the first cot, then the second, stacked them in the tent and had them tethered less than 10 minutes after I had retrieved them from my truck. I couldn’t have asked for an easier-to-assemble, better fitting system!

camobunk2While the Cam-O-Bunk is quite roomy, boasting mat dimensions of 79-in. x 34.5-in., I was amazed at how compactly it fit into my Browning Camping Black Canyon tent; we had tons of extra room for our gear! The Cam-O-Bunk also features a rolled steel base to protect ground sinking and damage to tent floors and other surfaces.

My first night in the Cam-O-Bunk, after a long evening of bowfishing on a nearby lake, was one of incomparable camp comfort. At 44, camp sleep often comes with a few aches and pain the next morning; however, the way the cot’s 600-denier material held fast yet fit the contour of my body had me feeling as rested as I’ve ever felt. We even took in an afternoon nap – tent windows open, cool breeze blowing through – it was a slice of heaven I don’t often get to experience, or generally cared to, given previous camp-sleep experiences. After the nap, we converted this bunk bed cot system into a comfortable camp couch. Yes, we were the only folks in camp with a couch in our tent! Does it get any cooler than a couch in your tent? No, it doesn’t.

If I sound excited, I am! As a Marine Corps veteran, I immediately realized Cam-O-Bunks value well beyond a simple campsite. Disc-O-Bed has developed a product primitive or temporary medical, humanitarian or military quarters; hunting, fishing and camping outfitters; emergency or human services shelters; youth camps; extra bedding at home when the relatives drop in for the holidays, etc.

Looking high and low for something I didn’t like about Disc-O-Bed’s Cam-O-Bunk XL Bunk Bed Cot System was futile. The only worthwhile mention is weight. The entire system weighs about 60 pounds. While I wouldn’t suggest backpacking everywhere with it, Cam-O-Bunk is compact, easy to carry and even easier to transport.

camobunk4Disc-O-Bed also offers an array of great accessories, including a cabinet, footlocker, mosquito net, polypropylene mat, IV stand, extenders to create more space between bunks, and other innovative accessories. My system included side organizers that attach easily to the sides of each cot and provide more than enough room for my Glock 17, flashlight, smartphone, tablet, beverage, a good book and much more.

The Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk has taken its rightful place alongside my favorite outdoor gear. I can’t imagine spending another night in camp without it!

For more information about the Cam-O-Bunk XL and Disc-O-Bed’s other innovative products, visit


PCP Air Rifle Built in America


For Immediate Release

Contact:  Laura Evans
Crosman Corporation
7629 Routes 5 & 20
Bloomfield, NY 14469

Click here to visit!ROCHESTER, New York, (November 5, 2013) – Crosman Corporation announces availability of the Benjamin® Marauder®, the latest generation of its precharged pneumatic (PCP) air rifles for hunters and shooters, in .177, .22 and .25 calibers and featuring a synthetic stock and increased performance. An upgraded valve delivers a stunning 20% increase in shot count and increases power while delivering consistent velocities from the first trigger pull to the last.  The all-weather synthetic stock includes an adjustable comb for a customizable fit and was designed in concert with an improved trigger position for comfortable carry in the field. The new Marauder adds an integrated Resonance Dampener to the rifle’s popular sound suppression system that includes a full barrel shroud.

“The Benjamin brand is known for feature-rich products and the Marauder is a gun hunters will love to shoot. Enjoy a lot of trigger time with over 30 shots per fill in .177 and .22 calibers and 17 shots with the .25 caliber,” says Crosman Product Manager, Tom Clark. “The Marauder is an airgun for serious hunters that is capable of taking game as large as fox, turkeys and coyotes and quiet enough to take multiples from a single stand,” he said.

The new stock makes the rifle lighter than previous editions, and the comb provides 1.5 inches of adjustability to accommodate most any shooter.  The trigger has been moved rearward, and with a change in the grip angle and the redesigned stock, there is less hand and arm fatigue when carrying the rifle. The bolt is ambidextrous to accommodate left or right-handed shooters and the newly designed breech provides a more stable platform for larger scopes.

“It’s an all new experience that preserves the value advantage that has been the Marauder’s hallmark since its introduction in 2009”, added Clark. “The features and performance of this new Marauder rival those of PCP guns costing thousands more, and when you consider the low cost of airgun ammunition, it’s easy to see why the Marauder has quickly become the airgun for serious hunters and shooters.”

Click here to visit Crosman online!The Marauder has a two-stage, adjustable, match-grade trigger and an innovative multi-round magazine for fast follow-up shots. Depending on the caliber, muzzle velocities range from 900 to 1,100 feet per second (fps).  Foot pounds of energy (fpe) ranges from 21, with .177 caliber, to 32 fpe with .22 caliber and 50 fpe with .25 caliber.

The Benjamin Marauder in .177 and .22 calibers, have an MSRP of $620 and the MSRP of the .25 caliber is $660.  They are available now.

For additional information on the Benjamin Marauder  PCP air rifles, or on any Crosman, Benjamin, CenterPoint product, Crosman Archery, or Game Face Airsoft products, visit the company’s Web sites at,,, or write to Laura Evans, Marketing Coordinator, Crosman Corporation, 7629 Routes 5 & 20, Bloomfield, NY 14469, email her at, or call her at (800) 7 – AIRGUN (724-7486).

For up-to-the-minute news from Crosman Corporation, follow us on Twitter ( and Facebook (

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Rochester, N.Y.-based Crosman Corporation is an international designer, manufacturer and marketer of Crosman® and Benjamin® airguns, CenterPoint® optics, and Crosman®, Game Face, and Undead Apocalypse® airsoft products. Crosman is a licensee of U.S. Marine Corps airsoft and U.S. Army airsoft.


Blackhawk! Sportster™ TraverseTrack™ Bipod!

Finally, a hunter-friendly bipod!

By Kevin Reese

Click here to visit!The obstinate Texas sun forced me further into the shaded recesses of an outcropping of oak trees along the edge of a field of coastal grass. Stretched before me was some 50 acres of heavily rooted soil with isolated clumps of grass, certainly too few to bail and monetize. The population of feral hogs in the area generating this damage had only been defined by the landowner as “thick”.

Hours later, as the sun’s oppression finally submitted to dropping temperatures and a darkening sky, a sounder of hogs flooded into the field on my left. I steadied behind my Smith & Wesson MP15T Tactical 5.56 AR-15 topped by an Aimpoint H34S Hunter red dot scope as the hogs continued to rush toward an area of the field quite a distance to my right. As they crossed in front of me, I attempted to plant my reticle on any hog offering a shot opportunity. Unfortunately, none of the hogs stopped, even after I noisily attempted to capture their attention long enough to get a shot. They ignored me and continued to traverse from left to right.

In the end, none of the hogs offered an opportunity; worse, when I attempted to track them from left to right, the legs of my bipod bulldozed the soil, prohibiting me from getting the shot opportunity I was after. I moved the bipod into another position on my right and attempted to acquire a target once more but they continued, making an ethical shot impossible.

I’m not the only increasingly frustrated hunter using restrictive bipods. As a hog hunter and hog hunting seminar instructor, I hear and read of failed hunts often and routinely meet others hoping for an alternative. Personally, I’ve spent hours searching for a swivel bipod  only to find that “swivel” simply means the vertical pivot that allows a rifle to be held vertically straight or rested on its side at an angle. By in large, I’ve found that “Swivel” DOES NOT mean the ability to swing or track targets moving from left to right – the very functionality we require as hunters using bipods.

As important as functionality, I need a bipod to be durable and dependable; in short, trustable. As a Special Hog Weapons and Tactics (SHWAT) Pro Staff Hunter and Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) member, I am demanding of the equipment I use. The extreme rigors I put gear through means I have to trust those products to survive my pursuits and perform flawlessly afterwards. The good news for me… and you is that OpticsPlanet offers a bipod that meets those demands – the Blackhawk! Sportster™ TraverseTrack™ Bipod.

Click here to visit!

The Blackhawk! Sportster™ TraverseTrack™ Bipod is the real deal! Like most sitting and kneeling position bipods, it’s adjustable to fit your sitting or kneeling height from 13.5 to 23 inches. Like many other bipods, it also includes adjustability on a vertical pivot but unlike some, you can lock down the vertical pivot position. While a vertical pivot is where some of best bipods end, it’s just the beginning for the Blackhawk! Sportster™ TraverseTrack™ Bipod I received last week. True to its name, a second swivel axis allows for horizontal rotation. This means I can effortlessly track and lead targets on a horizontal plane. This function would have equated to hogs on the ground instead of another missed opportunity if I had ordered it a few days earlier!

Click here to visit!More than vertical and horizontal adjustability, I love the Rapid-Adjust Lever Lock feature and easy installation. Even better for long predator and hog hunting excursions, especially in run-and-gun situations, this lightweight 18-ounce bipod is an easy tote. Did I know it was there? Sure. Did it bother me? No. My carry throughout the day was an easy haul.

Other positives I found on this bipod included easy installation and hunt-proven all-metal construction, spring-retractable tubular legs with slip resistant rubber feet, perfect for quick target acquisition on uneven terrain.

The only “con” (term used lightly) I found with the Blackhawk! Sportster™ TraverseTrack™ Bipod was in the tubular legs. I would love to see ribbed lower legs that further assist in ensuring level shooting; however, as a final thought, I can honestly say I have not experienced any negative consequence related to not having the ribs – it’s simply a personal preference. It certainly would never keep me from using this particular bipod.

Click here to visit!I spent some trigger time with the Blackhawk! Sportster™ TraverseTrack™ Bipod this weekend. Refreshing doesn’t begin to convey my excitement over this bipod. I engaged numerous targets throughout a horizontal plane without adjusting the bipod legs or my own body. I also tracked numerous critters during a sit in the woods; however, shot opportunities eluded me – not as a fault of this truly incredible bipod! The Blackhawk! Sportster™ TraverseTrack™ Bipod has taken its rightful place as my bipod of choice for future pursuits and I look forward to making good on those missed opportunities in the near future.

Crosman’s Benjamin Rogue .357 Air Rifle

Wild, Wooly and Ready for Hogs, Deer and More!

By Kevin Reese

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Is an air rifle enough to stop that next bruiser boar or buck of a lifetime? A quick trip back to the Lewis and Clark expedition would answer that question through proven results; in fact, their single Girandoni air rifle is considered by many to be the REAL gun that won the west. The .46-caliber Girandoni fired up to 40 shots on a single charge and the tube magazine held up to 22 rounds that could be emptied in less than 30 seconds.

Girandoni Air Rifle courtesy of the U.S. Army

August 30, 1803 – “Left Pittsburgh this day at 11 ock with a party of 11 hands 7 of which are soldiers, a pilot and three young men on trial they having proposed to go with me throughout the voyage. Arrived at Bruno’s Island 3 miles below halted a few minutes. Went on shore and being invited on by some of the gentlemen present to try my airgun which I had purchased brought it on shore charged it and fired myself seven times fifty-five yards with pretty good success.”

(Lewis and Clark Journals, Volume 1)

Lewis and Clark’s journals, comprised of 13 volumes and more than a million words, refer to the Girandoni air rifle 39 times. While they also had 22 muzzleloaders it was the Girandoni air rifle they turned to repeatedly to demonstrate superior fire power to Native Americans, a move more than anything to protect the contents of their keel vessel.

While the expedition only had one Girandoni, tribe leaders could and did assume the keel vessel was loaded down with them and the thought of 38 men firing 22 .46-caliber balls accurately in less than 30 seconds was quite intimidating.

The rifle was also used effectively for big game hunting and was the perfect answer for repeatable fire without compromising powder supplies needed for the 22 muzzleloaders. Merriweather Lewis’ use of the Girandoni rifle nearly single handedly assured safe passage and charting of the west for future expansion and certainly proved its worth in hunting.

Check out this informative video about the Girandoni’s Air Rifle’s rich history from NRA-History:

Today, people continue to depend on air rifles and other firearms to provide for their families’ sustenance, including big game. The good news, however, is that unlike the 1,500 pumping repetitions required to hand-fill the Girandoni, today’s charging systems aren’t nearly as arduous.

While smaller caliber air rifles may operate off of factory sealed disposable tanks or age-old hand-pumps, high-powered, big-game-oriented rifles like my personal favorite, Crosman’s Benjamin Rogue .357-caliber Precision Air Rifle, are easily charged up to 3,000-psi with a 3,000- to 3,500-psi scuba-style air tank.

The Benjamin Rogue also does not look anything like Lewis’ Girandoni. While both are considered PCP systems, the Rogue’s patent-pending ePCP™ technologyePCP™ technologyePCP™ technologyePCP™ technology means more versatility and increased power while the patent-pending eVALVE system makes for more efficient use of the air charge via precision, user-selected distribution options. Shooters not only have some great ammunition choices to make, including round-nosed, flat-nosed and Nosler’s eXTREME ballistic tip bullets, they can even use their own cast .357-caliber pellets.

Click here to visit Crosman online!The Rogue’s EPiC™ LED display and selection buttons allow configuration of key ballistic elements including medium-high foot-pounds of energy/velocity options and bullet weights of medium (up to 145 grains) and high (over 145 grains). The rifle even includes manual mode setting. In manual mode, the shooter can calibrate air pressure and valve-release delay to experiment with ballistics and achieve optimum performance from their favorite heart-stopping pellet!

Click here to visit Crosman online!While the Benjamin Rogue can make for a tough carrier over long distances, Crosman’s Center-Point 4-16x44mm riflescope does shave that walk down a tad and a picatinny rail system allows for added accessories to increase fit, form and function according to individual needs.

On the Benjamin Rogue air rifle I worked with, I used the picatinny rail to mount interchangeable sitting and kneeling bipods and a Hawglite Sabre high-intensity red LED tactical lighting system that gets me out to well over 100 yards; however, I try to keep larger animals like coyotes, deer and hogs within 75 yards.

Click here to visit Crosman online!

Nearly all states allow hunting with air guns in some form or another; check your state regulations for game specific applications, especially before chasing larger animals like deer, hogs, bear and other traditionally recognized big game animals normally taken with firearms or archery equipment. Here in Texas, the Benjamin Rogue .357 is tough enough to take down the biggest boars in the woods and often quiet enough to anchor more than one of those pesky, yet tasty eating bruisers! That means deer also are easy prey for the Rogue – pick your poison!

Imagine the buzz circulating your deer or hog hunting camp when you drop the hammer on your next success story with an air rifle! The Benjamin Rogue .357 Air Rifle is more than enough to get the job done for you and is by far my favorite air rifle offering to date. Check out these happy hunters!

Ed Schultz and Chip Hunnicut take a great hog with the Benjamin Rogue .357 Air Rifle - Photo courtesy of Ed Schultz

Chip Hunnicut take a great velvet buck with the Benjamin Rogue .357 Air Rifle - Photo courtesy of Chip Hunnicutt

ALMOST All the Right Stuff – What I wasn’t so excited about…

Part of field testing some amazing products is really isolating opportunities for improvement. While I feel Crosman really has something special in the Benjamin Rogue, again, it’s my current favorite, hands down, there are two areas of improvement worth mentioning.

First, loading the magazine with pellets and subsequently loading that magazine into the rifle’s action took quite a bit of practice. While loading the magazine with pellets I dropped my fair share (In Crosman’s defense the instruction manual warned me to cover the opposite opening with my finger).

Second, while there is a picatinny rail located at the bottom of the handguard more rails on the sides of the handguard would be a great addition. The lower rail could be used for a bipod while side rails could accommodate systems like the Hawglite Goblin or Crimson Trace CMR-201 Rail Master laser; product reviews for another day. With one rail accessories are either stacked or not added. This may be a great opportunity to offer an array of handguards.

Final Thoughts

Part of my fascination with air rifles is simply nostalgia. Time on an air rifle reminds me of time spent shooting with my dad… and even my mother; she’s a heck of a shot, too! With my son, that air rifle legacy continues. His aversion to loud noises, a product of sensory integration, means that shooting air rifles even offers some therapeutic benefits in that he gets to enjoy shooting while avoiding the report of larger firearms, bothersome to him even with hearing protection. At some point, conditioning should resolve his aversion but we choose to eat sensory integration as we would an elephant. Whether shooting a .17-caliber or my wild and wooly Benjamin Rogue .357, Jacob is ready to go.

Hunt hard, hunt often and consider taking the Crosman Benjamin Rogue .357 Air Rifle on your next hunting adventure!

Learn more about Lewis and Clark’s incredible expedition at 

Learn more about the Girandoni Air Rifle visit and type Girandoni Air Rifle in the search field.

Visit,, and to learn more about the Benjamin Rogue .357 and other great shooting and hunting accessories.



Improving scouting and odds of criminal prosecution one photo at a time… 

By Kevin Reese 

Click here to visit!Much of my writing over the years has revolved around scouting and preparation as key elements of successful and ethical hunting. While trap, game or trail cameras have been around for over 100 years, the past 15 years have demonstrated the single most aggressive swing in trail camera use for scouting and preparation. And, while trail cameras do significantly improve our ability to scout, plan and hunt, cameras are steadily evolving to include security. Over the past five years I’ve followed the security aspect of trail camera use quite closely and have enjoyed watching advances applied to one model after another. One company I’ve watched carefully over the past several years is SpyPoint.

From the IR-B in 2008, through the game changing technology built into the Tiny-W cameras, to the 2013 SpyPoint Live 3G, I’ve watched SpyPoint consistently walk the leading edge of trail camera technology. More importantly, they do so with such dedication to the protection and security of their clients there is little need to look elsewhere for multitasking products that not only track your wildlife, but give you a fighting chance to catch thugs in the act! And, as you’ll learn, the Live 3G, SpyPoint’s latest high-tech offering, has an added surprise sure to take accountability to new heights.

Live 3G – Finally, Affordable Cell Service!

While the rest of the trail camera marketplace focuses on cost-prohibitive cellular servicing, ridiculously high resolution that most hunters really don’t care much about and adding sound to video clips, SpyPoint has already been there, done that. Sure the SpyPoint Pro-X is a great at 12MP and the use of high resolution photos resonates with wildlife photographers, we don’t necessarily need that much resolution, or that much storage eaten up, to scout or catch a bad guy.

Today’s SpyPoint cameras focus on offering the best combination of scouting and security currently available. While SpyPoint still offers high resolution cameras for discerning wildlife photographers, the latest SpyPoint homeruns, the Tiny W-2 and Live 3G offer 8MP resolution to capture detail those important details without needlessly filling up your SD card. Want Black LED’s, video sound, wifi, cellular, resolution, simple interface and integrated viewers? SpyPoint has all of them! But, there’s more… and that “more” is going to do more than shock you… it will rock the world of criminals everywhere!

Click here to visit!

Hunter’s Best Friend, Punks Worst NIGHTMARE! 

Imagine someone at the top listening to your whims, wishes, moans and groans then actually addressing them! Now imagine a company listening to the wish lists and gripes of people using other manufacturers’ trail cameras? What don’t they like? What can we do to help them? Let’s be honest, what’s on your trail camera wish list? Let me drop a boot by sharing what I would like to see in a trail camera:

  • Decent resolution but not over the top
  • Video with sound, if that turns my rotors
  • Faster trigger times – I mean, down to zero!
  • Multiple detection zones – see trigger time… not a back leg!
  • Affordable cellular service – I’m on a budget
  • Integrated viewing and configuration window, controls
  • Multi-Shot capabilities
  • Reduced, or increased, shot intervals – depending on my mood
  • Most Important – I want to catch the trash who stole my camera
  • I want to drive to his house and get my camera back!

Click here to visit!

Now, let me drop the other boot… IT’S HERE!

I recently setup my new SpyPoint Live 3G and found out some great things along the way! The Live 3G can be used as a stand-alone or cellular based trail camera. The cellular service knocked me for a loop; I was a bit scared of the cost factor; I had played with others and paid dearly for it. To my surprise, the cost is incredibly affordable. SpyPoint Live 3G allows you to use your current AT&T account or a pay as you go Truphone account.

Click here to visit!

Click here to visit!The first step in my Live 3G experience was to create a account. hosts webpages I use to manage my camera settings and manage my images. In, I dictate image intervals, camera modes and other camera settings. Part of settings is the type of image I would like to transmit. Since I elected to keep my data at 100mb per month (no more than $15 monthly), I chose to transmit thumbnails with the option to download full size images with the click of a button. After thumbnail transmission, the thumbnails appear on my content management page. Along with image transmissions, I used configuration settings to receive text and email messages whenever images are transmitted.

The camera comes with a Truphone sim card; however, again, you can elect to use your AT&T sim card. I chose Truphone to minimize my costs. Once the sim card is activated and the camera is registered with, your camera in ready to communicate.

Full-sized images are taken at intervals you select, down to every 10 seconds and resolution is set at 8MP. Five (5) zones of detection mean a blistering fast trigger speed, down to zero seconds. IR technology has improved dramatically over the years. The Live 3G utilizes 48 LED lights to capture images out to at least 50 feet on the darkest of nights. My personal SpyPoint Live 3G is capturing every bit of 50 feet… and a few feet more with exceptional clarity.

Click here to visit!The security features are where this camera trumps everything else on the market! Not only do you capture images of perpetrators, those photos are transmitted for download. The camera also sends messages to your cell phone that your camera is being moved. You can even report the camera stolen in Reporting the Live 3G stolen locks the camera up (until you retrieve it) and provides you with GPS coordinates for your camera every 10 minutes! That’s right, the Live 3G has a tracking device! Imagine the punk’s surprise when you show up at his door, perhaps with the local authorities, and demand your camera back. To help you on your search, you’ve likely already captured images of the perpetrator! Security at its finest – If you want peace of mine, you need SpyPoint Live 3G!

What’s this world coming to, you ask? It’s coming to a place where honest people reclaim the upper hand. Much like video cameras record the good, bad and ugly of daily life, SpyPoint captures the good, bad and ugly of our outdoor lifestyle. Since the late 1800s, trail cameras have been used to answer questions. Today’s cameras, like the SpyPoint Live 3G, answers many more questions than some people bargain for.

So, What’s NOT to Like?

“Not like” is such a strong term. It’s not a dislike inasmuch as it’s a “wish I had”.  After all, the Live 3G is, by far, my favorite of SpyPoint’s entire lineup… and I’ve used a number of different models over the years.  So, here is what I wish I had in the Live 3G. I would love to be able to synchronize on demand. It may already exist; however, if it does then my gripe would be that the instructions, from what I read, did not reveal how I might activate that function. If I could push a button and automatically synchronize that would take my trail cameras desires right over the top!

A second improvement would be to add an outdoor booster to improve cellular signal and transmission. This is NOT a fault of the camera but I would love to see a battery powered external cellular signal booster to reach even further off the beaten path.

Final Thoughts

Even considering the cons that, frankly, I really had to search high and low for, the Live 3G is by far my favorite of not just SpyPoint’s offerings, but all trail camera offerings. As I mentioned earlier, the innovation, details and dedication to quality evident in this model assures me that SpyPoint cares about more than just my scouting, they care about protecting my best interests. Even better, they give me recourse that NO OTHER trail camera to date offers. The SpyPoint Live 3G has been such a mind-blowing joy ride, I can’t imagine what they’ll come up with next!

Click here to visit!

For more information about SpyPoint’s incredible line of trail cameras and their latest ultra-cool product, The Xcel HD Action Camera (Watch for that review soon!), visit

Midway USA Invests in Conservation Worldwide

Media Contact: Steve Wagner, Blue Heron Communications, 800-654-3766  or 

Click here to visit Midway USA online!DALLAS (Oct. 1, 2013) – —Midway USA is investing in conservation, education and hunter advocacy efforts worldwide through a renewed sponsorship of Dallas Safari Club (DSC).

DSC is quickly growing as a global force for wildlife. The organization now grants more than a million dollars per year for special initiatives ranging from lion conservation, research and anti-poaching efforts in Africa to pronghorn and desert bighorn sheep restoration in Texas.

Engaging and educating youths in traditional outdoor skills, and crusading for lawmaker and policymaker support for sportsmen’s causes, also are DSC priorities.

Midway USA, an online retailer selling “Just About Everything for Shooting, Hunting and the Outdoors,” is the official sponsor of DSC’s annual convention and expo Jan. 9-12 
at the Dallas Convention Center. This public-welcome event generates most of the funding for DSC grants.

Sponsorship from Midway USA is an important part of the DSC movement, says DSC Executive Director Ben Carter.

Carter expressed gratitude for the company’’s generous support, adding, “All our sponsors deserve a pat on the back. Their involvement is vital because it helps DSC expand its reach and make a meaningful difference for wildlife and hunting around the world.”

Learn more about Midway USA at

About Dallas Safari Club (DSC) Desert bighorns on an unbroken landscape, stalking Cape buffalo in heavy brush, students discovering conservation. DSC works to guarantee a future for all these and much more. An independent organization since 1982, DSC has become an international leader in conserving wildlife and wilderness lands, educating youth and the general public, and promoting and protecting the rights and interests of hunters worldwide. Get involved at ~ How to Prep for a Big Game Hunt

Click here to visit!

Too Hot to Hunt?

Getting refined by the fire!

By Kevin Reese

Kevin is Overheated and Some Say a Little CrazyEvery summer the same the excuse batters my eardrums. “It’s too hot to hunt!” If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times before. While last summer was indeed a tough nut to crack, scores of hunters, myself included, peeled themselves off of the couch to hit the woods. While sitting in triple digit temperatures is not fun in and of itself, hunting is fun no matter the season; in fact, I’ve killed more feral hogs during our blistering summers than any other time of year; however, the grit to get out there is not enough to garner success. Check out these great tips for not just surviving summer hunting, but bringing home the bacon.

Scent Control and Playing the Wind

Kevin's Summer Collection!

Kevin’s Summer Collection!

The most significant obstacle to successful summer hunting is scent control. Getting close is key no matter when you’re hunting. Wash your clothes in scent eliminating detergent and dry with scent eliminating fabric softening dryer sheets. Carry your clothes in a scent proof bag to your hunting property if possible. Shower with scent eliminating shampoo and soap. Use scent eliminating deodorant and toothpaste to finish the preparation phase. Before heading to your stand or ground blind, make sure you spray yourself (or have your buddy spray you) from top to bottom, front to back. Make sure you spray the bottom of your boots – doing so reduces or eliminates the scent trail you create while walking to your setup. Dead Down Wind offers a great scent eliminating system; however, other products, like ThermaCELL also offer great protection in the form of cover scent while also keeping pesky mosquitoes at bay. Used in conjunction, Dead Down Wind and ThermaCELL can be a downright deadly combination!

Click here to visit!While scent control up front is great, hunting in hot temperatures presents a secondary scent issue. When it’s hot we sweat, no great epiphany there; however, while you perspire you create scent. The secondary problem is that no matter how well you prepare with scent control products, actively making scent while you hunt means other strategies must come into play. When possible I get my scent off the ground by hunting tree stands. More than that, wind direction is critical. Bad wind, bad day, good wind, great day! Proper preparation with scent control products, getting off the ground and hunting downwind of your prey means you can still beat the best noses in the woods.

Keep Your Cool

Keeping cool is tough business during our summer months. Let’s face it; no matter what you do you’re not going to trick your brain into thinking the temperature has dropped. But, freezing a large bottle of water to drink on stand is a great idea. While you hunt, the ice in your bottle continues to melt; the result is ice water that lasts quite a while!

Click here to visit!Frog Toggs offers a great product to keep you cool in the woods. Wet their Chilly Pad Cooling Towel in water and place in a sandwich bag. When you begin your hunt, remove the towel from the baggy and lay over the back of your neck or your head. The dampened towel stays cool to the touch for hours – how refreshing! Keep a spray bottle of Dead Down Wind with you. As you also use your towel to wipe away sweat, spray your Chilly Pad Cooling Pad with the scent eliminating spray. Not only does this get rid of your sweaty stench, it acts to continually refresh the cooling property of this ultra-cool Frog Toggs product.

Click here to visit!It doesn’t take long to realize that every move takes physical exertion and that exertion heats your body. I carry good optics, like my Alpen Rainier 10×42’s in the woods whether hot or cold; however, the point is that when it’s hot, I watch more and walk less! When I get to my spot, hunting is much ado about glassing, on-the-fly scent control and cooling down anyway – it would be plain silly to not have your binos! Who would have thought optics played a role in keeping you cooler? It’s true!

Hunting from tree stands in hot temperatures does more than just get your scent off the ground. It keeps you in circulating air rather than the often stagnant hot air encountered in a stuffy ground blind. Nothing feels better on a hot summer day than a little breeze!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Click here to visit!

Click here to visit!

Guts, Grit and Glory

Another hot one in the books!Those of us who venture into the woods to become one with our outdoor heritage in temperatures easily topping 100 degrees are a rare breed indeed. While we would certainly prefer cooler temperatures, hot weather is simply a part of life here and is not likely to change in our lifetime. So reality then begs the question, do you have the guts and grit to go after the glory?

Hunt hard, hunt year round.

Focus….With The Boreal

New Addition To The Waterfowl Line Keeps Waterfowler’s Focused On the Sky in The Coldest Conditions.

Click here to visit!Bozeman, MT. Sitka Gear, the industry leader in performance hunting gear, is excited to announce a new addition to their waterfowl line for 2013; the Boreal Jacket.

Click here to visit!The Boreal incorporates the protection of a GORE-TEX® membrane with the warmth of 650 fill down. The build of this jacket maximizes mobility to keep you free to swing and shoot, but delivers the ultimate in warmth and shelter from the elements. Mix that with a feature set that is classic minimalistic Sitka, but absolutely functional for even the pro’s.

Boreal Jacket Specs:

  • 2 Chest, 2 Shell Pockets
  • Fully Adjustable Rotating Hood
  • Articulated Patterning
  • Water Sealing Cuffs
  • Sizes: M-3XL
  • GORE™ OPTIFADEConcealment      Marsh
  • MSRP:  $599

About Sitka Gear
Sitka Gear is the leading manufacturer of high-performance hunting apparel that utilizes cutting-edge technology to keep hunters warm, dry and comfortable in any condition. For more information about Sitka visit or call 877.SITKA-GR.

Dove Hunting: Get on Target

By Kevin Reese

Madison Huston Dove“Don’t aim. Don’t aim. Don’t aim.” I’m not sure how many times I said it. It was never audible but I repeated it constantly while I showered, while I dressed, while I prepared a thermos of hot coffee and even while I drove over to Gander Mountain to meet a friend on the way to our opening morning dove hunt. Once I picked up good friend Mitch Strobl we headed to Dawson to meet other hunting buddies, Navarro County resident Bradley Fife and Freestone County resident, Clyde Ridge. Throughout the meet-and-greets and drive to our hunting ground my broken record played on, “Don’t aim. Don’t aim. Don’t aim.”


It was still dark when we pulled up to the gate but the shifting cloak of silver hue reminded us that daylight would soon be upon us. Clinks and clanks shattered early morning silence as we pulled Mojo doves, decoys, shotguns and other gear from our trucks and headed into the field to setup, sit down and wait. Still, even as I set decoys on the wire and setup my position in the well of a berm between the edge of a field and a nearby livestock tank I muttered to myself, “Don’t aim. Don’t aim. Don’t aim.”


The coffee was good but the subtle coolness brushing across my cheek with the morning breeze was even better. It wasn’t long before I was lost in thought, wondering what sunlight would reveal in this wide open space and in a wide open sky. With the shotgun loaded with the first three shells and placed on safe I waited. The sun rose quickly as if it sensed my excitement for the coming hunt. The hunt was on.


Bradley has quite an eye; Mitch does, too! Clyde and I started our morning with instructions from our two hawk-eyes! It wasn’t long before we dusted off our spotting skills. Bradley had two birds down before a single dove dropped in behind me. I swung around, mounted my Browning Maxus 12-gauge and pulled the trigger. A crash landing and shower of drifting feathers immediately followed. Not long after my first kill, another bird flew in behind me. I swung again and plucked him from the sky at 30 yards without hesitation. Two in a row left me quite cocky. Bradley shouting, “Kevin stole that one from you, Clyde!” didn’t help at all. I was a force to reckon with. Three birds dropped in on my right, three shots rang out and three birds flew off to the west. “What happened? They were on top of you, Kev!” I smiled gingerly as I turned to look back and found all three of my so-called friends laughing at my expense. We rested for quite a while; the birds were slow.


Late morning produced more opportunities. Some I hit squarely while others I missed by a mile. Clyde only shot when he felt like it but was quite deadly. If he took 15 shots, he must have hit 10 birds. Bradley’s shooting was reminiscent of Vincent Hancock shooting skeet in London – solid gold! If I had to guess, Bradley hit a dozen birds with a half box of shells, quite an amazing feat! Mitch finished the morning with a truckload of stock photos and some great dove hunting footage. Me, I left the field a bit wiser and with a smile on my face. That morning offered four hours of self-discovery. I focused hard on the lessons I spoke about in my previous article and realized that my effectiveness increased dramatically when I did not aim and did not mount my shotgun in preparation for incoming birds. I also noticed that when I did mount the shotgun early, even when I thought I was shooting instinctively, I wasn’t. For me, too much thinking is my undoing when wingshooting.


My good friends, Corsicana residents Arron Cottongame and Jason Gamez also did well on another field in Dawson; of course, I’ve hunted with Arron and Jason and both hold their own with a shotgun, largely because of frequent practice and effective shooting techniques; neither mount early, they simply mount, swing and shoot – dead bird. Sound familiar? There is something to it, I assure you! As a side note, I receive several reports from other friends and residents in our neck of the woods that dove hunting has also been exceptional in the Mildred area.


Practice Makes Nearly Perfect – After all, it’s dove hunting!


There is a lot to be said for sporting clays as a means of preseason preparation; in sporting clays, targets fly at varying speeds angles. Skeet and trap is great practice, too. The message should ring loud and clear, simply shooting a shotgun is not enough. Aerial target shooting is critical and it’s not just for dove hunting; it’s great practice for all types of wingshooting, including ducks!


Need a place to shoot? Visit Legacy Outfitters on the second Tuesday of every month at Upland Bird Country, just south of Corsicana. Skeet shooting begins at 5 p.m. and is followed by great food and fellowship! There is no charge to shoot. Simply bring your shotgun, shells and hearing and eye protection. To get to Legacy Outfitters from Corsicana, take Highway 287 south out of Corsicana approximately three miles and turn left on FM 637/Camp Wanica Road then continue for approximately two miles. The Upland Bird Country gate is on the left. Pass through the gate and follow signs to the lodge. See you there!


Hunt hard, hunt often.


Moultrie’s Easy-Lock Feeder requires no tools or ladder!

Media Contact: Mike Mattly
Tel: (641) 895-1004


Click here to visit!Alabaster, Alabama – The world’s most popular game feeder company, Moultrie Products, LLC, has just introduced its new 30 gallon Easy-Lock feeder. Assembled without tools in a matter of minutes, and capable of being assembled, programmed and filled without a ladder, this feeder makes everything simple. The new, Natural Green UV resistant color of the Easy-Lock help it blend with any surrounding and with the simple assembly and installation process, it will quickly find a home almost anywhere.

No longer will assembling a feeder require countless man hours and several tools. It’s simple really: just fasten the tapered hopper with included wing nuts, screw on the cap, twist and lock the feeder kit into place, and secure the legs – all in less than 10 minutes. At an assembled height of 6’, the side mounted control panel allows for easy programming while the hopper can be easily refilled; all without the help of a cumbersome stepladder.

Efficiently designed, the Easy-Lock features a built-in, resource saving, feed level estimator; allowing the user to know exactly how much is left and when to refill. What better way to take game inventory then by placing a camera near the feeder? Now, Moultrie integrated three mounts on top of the Easy-Lock for the installation of optional game cameras. Also sporting square locking legs that are 30% stronger than poles, moving this feeder is now easier and faster than ever.

The simple to access and program control panel allows the Easy-Lock to be completely customized. Keep those animals fat and happy with up to 6 programed feedings a day, each lasting between 1 and 20 seconds. The built in varmint guard along and metal funnel and spin plate will discourage unwanted rascals from hanging around, while the solid metal feeder feet keep the Easy-Lock in place. Allowing for constant monitoring of battery strength, the digital battery level monitor keeps an eye on the 6-volt battery. If more power is desired, the power port allows for the addition of an external power source such as the new Feeder PowerPanel.

Moultrie’s 30-Gallon Easy-Lock retails for $149.99 and is available online at or at fine retailers everywhere.Click here to visit!

Click here to visit!Company Description:
Moultrie is the most recognizable game management brand in the industry. Moultrie develops and manufactures feeders, spreaders, sprayers, scouting cameras, feed supplements and accessories for deer, turkeys, hogs and fish. With over 30 years of experience, Moultrie is an expert in game observation and management. Moultrie is a division of PRADCO Outdoor brands. You can visit Moultrie on the web at

CX Maxima RED

The new Maxima RED is a breakthrough in controlling Dynamic Spine.

By Bob Humphrey
(Republished with permission from Glenn Walker, Providence Marketing Group)

   Click here to visit!Football aficionados know the significance of the red zone.  It’s the most important part  of the football field.  Control the red zone and you control the game.  Unlike a football field, the most critical part of an arrow shaft is in the middle.  That’s why the folks at Carbon Express refer to the middle of their new Maxima RED arrows as the “RED ZONE.”  And they’ve figured out a way to manage dynamic arrow spine there, and put you in control of the game.


The nock, shaft and broadhead represent something of a “holey” trinity of bowhunting, holey in this case referring to how close you come to putting successive arrows in the same hole.

The more you control these variables, the better you shoot, and the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.  And it’s probably fair to say that of the three, the shaft is the most important variable.Click here to visit!


Consistency is the ultimate goal of those who shoot, and make arrows.  Greater consistency in materials and construction produces greater consistency in results, which is essentially the definition of precision.  It also leads to increased accuracy.

The Carbon Express design and engineering team has always gone to great lengths to ensure their arrows are consistent, and as a result, your shooting is more accurate.  They use some of the most sophisticated equipment in the industry for manufacturing and testing their arrows for straightness, weight and static spine (the relative stiffness of a shaft).  Tighter tolerances in all three produce greater precision and accuracy.  In short, you shoot better.

It is sometimes said, in sports and in business that getting to the top is tough, but staying there is tougher.  Carbon Express has long held a position among the leaders in terms of arrow straightness and weight consistency, but they’ve never been content to rest on their laurels.  Still unsatisfied with the results, they recently decided it was time to look elsewhere, at dynamic spine, to build a better arrow.

If there’s a holy trinity, there’s also an “un-holey” trinity of arrow performance: Archer’s Paradox, Oscillation and Planning.

Archer’s paradox refers to the phenomenon where an arrow does not travel precisely in the direction it is pointed when the bowstring is released.  At release, there is a sudden and explosive transfer of energy from the bowstring to the arrow, which causes the shaft to bend, or flex.  The relative stiffness – how much it flexes – is referred to as dynamic spine.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  The shaft first bends one way, then the other, and continues to bend or oscillate as it flies, until it eventually recovers and flies straight.  The greater and more prolonged the oscillation, the less stable the flight, and the less accurate the shot.

At the front of this flying arrow shaft is a broadhead, the blades of which act like “wings,” causing it to plane.  They also exaggerate the effects of arrow flexing and oscillation in flight, which reduces accuracy and increases the time and effort required for tuning.  The quicker and more effectively you can control these factors, the more precise and accurate the shot.

Until now, dynamic spine was managed by giving careful consideration to all the following variables:

  1. Arrow shaft material, length, diameter and wall thickness
  2. Fletching weight, angle, shape and clearance
  3. Nock weight and fit
  4. Precision Point weight and style
  5. Arrow rest type and positioning

If only there was an easier way to manage dynamic spine.

A New Wave

You can’t alter the laws of physics, and therefore archer’s paradox.  However, the engineers at Carbon Express discovered a way to use physics against archer’s paradox.  By restricting the dynamic spine flexing to the center of the shaft – the RED ZONE – instead of on the ends (like most arrows), they produced a shaft that oscillates less than other arrows.  As a result, the arrow recovers from archer’s paradox oscillation – becomes stable – more quickly and thus produces dramatically improved accuracy, especially when shooting a broadhead.  It also de-emphasizes the importance of the other variables.  The Maxima® RED™ manages dynamic spine so well, it only requires two spine sizes to match bows from 40-92 pound of draw weight.


The Maxima RED is extremely forgiving because of the way it’s built.  Carbon Express uses proprietary manufacturing techniques, different types of carbon and a new, hi-tech carbon design to build the shaft.  Stiffer ends contain the arrow’s flex to “RED ZONE”™® when launched and throughout its flight.  The process also produces superior spine consistency with matched weight of each arrow in a boxed set.

But Wait… There’s More

In case the above is not enough to convince you, Maxima RED arrows are also loaded with other features, some of which are already familiar to Carbon Express shooters.Click here to visit!

LaunchPad Precision Nocks – Designed in concert with development of the Maxima RED, they provide precise contact points for controlled arrow release, an aligned nock barrel for truer arrow flight and have a concentric design to center the nock in the arrow shaft for more consistent performance.

Performance Blazer Vanes – Addressing the effects of dynamic spine allows the use of lighter, shorter vanes, which further enhances speed and accuracy.

Diamond Weave Finish – The Carbon Express patented outer layer process uses 100 percent diamond weave carbon for improved stiffness and spine consistency.

BuffTuff® – This super strong outer finish enhances toughness while reducing friction and noise.

K-360º – Carbon Express’ patented process integrates 100% low modular carbon weave into the outer layer of an arrow for excellent strength and spine consistency

BullDog™ Nock Collar – Created with aircraft-grade aluminum, the BullDog nock collar was specifically designed to form-fit over the back end of the arrow shaft to protect it from nock-end impact damage.

Tolerance – Carbon Express laser-checks arrow spines and arrow straightness of 0.0001 of an inch to ensure each set meets their rigorous standards.  And unlike most manufacturers, Carbon Express straightness tolerances are maximum measurements, not averages.  Straightness of +/- 0.0025″ Max. and a weight tolerance of ” 1.0 grains place the Maxima RED at the top of its class.


When the game is close you need an edge.  Carbon Express has figured out a way to manage dynamic arrow spine, confining it to the “RED ZONE,” making their new Maxima RED arrows a real game changer that will help you score big this season.

Click here to visit!

The Hunt for Your Legacy STARTS RIGHT NOW!

Legacy Outfitters is Your Guide

By Kevin Reese

Click here to visit!Your legacy is quite possibly the biggest footprint you leave here when it’s time to take your rightful place on the Big Hunt in the Sky. As a Christian man, a loving husband and father, a hard worker, and an avid outdoorsman, I feel that I have a firm grasp on who I am and what my purpose is in this obstacle course called life but is that what I demonstrate in my actions and in my balance between the outdoors, work and family time? Sadly, for many of us, the answer is a resounding no. Where do we go for answers? Where do we go when how we identify ourselves does not match how we are identified? After all, that demonstration itself is our lasting legacy, not what we see in our proverbial mirrors; it’s not what we say, it’s what we do that counts; moreover, it’s what we do in the dark. Author Russell Gough said it best in his book Character is Destiny – enough said there.

Kevin helps Jacob build his own legacy.Few lessons are better learned yet hardly taught outdoors amidst the majesty of God’s creation. Numerous programs and ministries have been centered on taking your kids outdoors; however, few have assisted men in becoming better fathers, teachers and legacy builders. That’s where Legacy Outfitters (LO) steps in. LO works to assist men in becoming doers instead of talkers by outfitting us with the tools to become better Christians, husbands, fathers, sons, and brothers through large and small group outdoor themed fellowships. Through shotgunning, archery, food, presentations, mentoring and forged friendships with other men we gain perspective on our legacies and understanding our strengths and weaknesses with open minds while maintaining accountability are great cornerstones.

A second yet no less important focus of LO is to lead people to Christ through outdoor fellowship. What could be better than reaching out to others for Christ amidst the great outdoors and through our greatest passions of hunting, fishing, camping and other outdoor activities?

LO exists simply to help men live their true purpose outdoors while equipping others to live their best lives outdoors as well; doing so not only ensures future generations enjoy and protect our outdoor heritage but more importantly centers our focus on celebrating the One that gave us outdoors to begin with. Building a legacy around Him is more than just words, it’s an heirloom of actions and examples for others to emulate and pass on.

None of us are perfect; my Grace Community Church family rests on the principle “No perfect people allowed.” We all can use some improvements in our daily lives; as humans we are always out of shape. LO is there to help us whittle away at that shape on the second Tuesday of every month at the Upland Bird Country, located on FM 637, also known as Camp Wanica Road, just two miles east of Highway 287. Monthly fellowships are kicked off with shotgunning and archery loosely starting between 5 – 5:30 p.m. and continue with a great meal at around 6:45. The meal is complemented by great fellowship and dynamic messages from guest speakers centered on God and our outdoor passions.

We also explore opportunities to grow in small group ministries known as Focus Groups. These small-group fellowships narrow the search for meaningful friendships based again on LO’s principles and our like passions. Examples of Focus Groups may include archery and bowhunting, rifle hunting, shotgunning, handgunning, cooking and more.

To learn more about Legacy Outfitters visit If gathering with other hunters sounds like a good time, you have a personal invite! The only rule for new attendees is “Show up!” If you got to choose the footprint you leave behind just how big would it be and where would it point?

Hunt hard, hunt often.


“Uh, Houston Corsicana, we have a problem!”

By Kevin Reese

Hog Eye for the Huntin' Guy!It should be no surprise that we are overrun with feral hogs in many parts of the state, Navarro County included. Over the past 10 years I’ve noticed a significant increase in the number of road-killed hogs on the side of the road, next to twisted bumpers and broken glass. Estimates put our Lone Star “prob-ulation” as high as 3 million hogs while annual damage is now consistently over $400 million in Texas alone. And, as a side note, hogs are now in at least 39 states and four Canadian provinces! It’s also worth noting that our state is home to roughly 50% of the nation’s feral hog population. Along with creating hazards for livestock on ranchlands, destroying crops, rooting yards and destroying vehicles, they compete with indigenous wildlife here in Texas… and win!

While hogs are not considered “big game” in Texas, hunting them with a rifle or bow is similar to deer hunting. Strategies for hunting hogs parallel proven methods of successful deer hunting. Like scouting for deer, scouting your ground for hog sign is critical to establishing that your hunting ground has some uninvited guests. Scan your property for rooting, hoof prints, scat, wallows and mud on trees. Use a trail camera to catch them in action. Ensure your camera boasts great night surveillance capabilities. I currently use a SpyPoint Tiny-W2 that allows me to check photos from my game cameras without walking into the setup. The Tiny-W2 assures me of clear day and night wildlife photos that give me useful behavior information. Although patterning can be downright maddening, a trail camera also helps bridge that gap.

ü  HOT TIP: Hogs do what they want, when they want to do it. If you’ve patterned hogs two days in a row, be in the stand on the third day… they generally do not keep a long term routine, especially with any human activity.

If you find hog activity, it’s time to pick your poison. Will you hunt with a bow, rifle, handgun or dogs? Will you spot-and-stalk or still hunt? Will you hunt from a treestand, natural cover or a ground blind? Hogs possess one of the greatest noses in the woods, if not THE greatest. Some reports claim hogs can pick up your scent on the wind as far as seven miles away! Will you be ready? How is your scent control routine?

Click here to visit Dead Down Wind Online!HOT TIP: Dead Down Wind is the best scent eliminating system I’ve used! From washing my body and clothes to brushing my teeth and even wiping away sweat on the hunt, Dead Down Wind offers highly effective scent elimination in all areas of control – I’ve put it to the test against Texas’ best noses!

Hogs also are incredibly intelligent. They know their environment and recognize changes quickly. Placing a ground blind means brushing it in and leaving it up to ensure that if they do pick up it up, they become comfortable with it. Many blinds also use scent eliminating technology. This year’s blind, my Ameristep Switch Ground Blind, offers another layer of scent control while concealing movement. Even with a great blind system, scent control is still critical. Ensure your blind or stand setup is downwind from where you expect hogs to be active and actively work to control your scent.

Spot and stalk hunting is also effective but don’t believe the hype on a hog’s eyesight. They do not see well, but see much better than most people think. They’ll spot you every time on open ground; within bow range they will also spot your movement in good cover. Approach from downwind and never expose your silhouette, especially within the last 100 yards. Make sure the area behind you continues to break up your outline as you close the distance. Once in range pick your spot! Remember that a hog’s vitals are more forward and lower than vitals on a deer; more on shot placement later. Until then, shake the dust off your boots and get back out there. It’s time to problem solve!

Hunt hard, hunt often.

Wildgame Innovations™ Apple CRUSH

Click here to visit! For decades, hunters have experienced the deer-attracting power of sweet-tasting apples. Any area of land that has apple trees will surely bring in deer by the droves, and not just any deer, the big trophy bucks as well. But what if apples and apple trees aren’t readily available to you? Wildgame Innovations has the solution with its new Apple CRUSH deer attractant products.


Click here to visit Wildgame!Wildgame Innovations understands the need for a high-quality apple attractant, and has delivered. Fresh, all-natural apples are sliced, dried and CRUSHed with a sweet mix of fats and proteins to produce the ultimate deer attractant – Apple CRUSH. Available as a 4-pound Salt Block, 5-pound bag and 1-gallon Juiced liquid gel mineral mix, the Apple CRUSH products can be used in the early season and into the late season effectively. The Salt Block can be set near deer trails, feeding areas or around any stumps or logs in the desired area of attraction. The 5-pound bag of powdered feed can be placed in feeder troughs, on ground sites in small strips or piles, or even added as a food plot topper. Other supplements, such as grain and corn, can be mixed in for extra nutrition as well. The 1-gallon jug of Juiced liquid can be poured just about anywhere to attract deer, and added to other supplements to amp up the attracting power. Just set out any variety of Apple CRUSH and watch as monster bucks, even the most cautious ones, flock to the sweet-smelling aroma of apples. Let Wildgame Innovations bring the apple orchard to you, and try some Apple CRUSH deer attractant on your next hunt.    For more information about Apple CRUSH products or other WGI products, please visit, or call (800) 847-8269.
Click here to visit!Wildgame Innovations™, a leader in wildlife nutrition and land management, produces nutritional supplements and attractants that attract, hold and grow more deer than any other products on the market. For this reason, Wildgame Innovations has become one of the fastest-growing companies in its segment of the hunting industry.


Bowfishing: Summer Hunting… On the Water!

By Kevin Reese

Bowfishing for TilapiaLiving near Richland Chambers Lake, Fairfield Lake, the Trinity River and other great water and wetland resources has its advantages. Within 45 minutes all of those places offer phenomenal bowfishing action. Whether you are searching for tilapia, carp or trophy Alligator Gar, we’ve got them. For those of us with an itch to scratch and the inability to decide if hunting or fishing fits the bill, bowfishing answers loudly! Having said that, I’d also like to clarify that while I love bowfishing, the majority of the bowfishing population seems to have a knack for it that just hasn’t kicked in for me yet. I try hard but the truth is I still seem to miss far more fish than I hit!

Not long ago I headed into the shallows of Richland Chambers with friends and local residents Brent and Hunter Folmar. I knew these guys were great bow-anglers but Hunter, at his young age, is one of the best stalking bowfishermen I’ve shared the shallows with; he seems to connect on every arrow he sends into the murky water; it’s fascinating to watch! While Hunter is quite an accomplished bowfisher, he obviously learned everything he knows from his dad, Brent. While I shot and missed, shot and missed, and shot and missed, Brent and Hunter continued tossing scaled bodies into the boat; a lesser man would have considered the afternoon quite an embarrassment but I left that afternoon with some valuable lessons sure to up my bowfishing game.

Check out these great tips:

Polarized Sunglasses – Breaking through a reflective surface of water can be tough, especially depending on the location of the sun. Polarized lenses cut right to the underwater chase. You’ll be amazed at how effective these lenses are in contributing to improved vision even several feet down.

The Shorter the Tip, the Better the Stick! – While it’s not so important with smaller fish, bowfishing gar presents a problem worth addressing. Many compare gar scales to a turtle shell; they are rock hard! Gar enthusiasts agree, penetration is everything, not necessarily punching through the fish but getting enough penetration to break through the outer layer of scales. Breaking through a gar’s tough exterior allows the blades or barbs to lock the fish onto your arrow much like a drywall anchor.

Aim Low – The most common cause of a miss is shooting over the fish. As a general rule, fish are actually lower than they appear because of refraction at the water’s surface. Bowfishing aficionados would tell you to aim at the bottom of the fish or “If you think you’ve shot to low and missed, you’ve probably hit perfectly!” Bowfishing is a game of skewed inches at the most; centimeters may be a more acceptable tolerance depending on the size of the fish.

It’s About WHO You Know Not What You Know – Your chance of a productive bowfishing trip is commensurate with your experience level and knowledge of the waterways you choose to hunt. Reality is a tough spill to swallow. While we hate to admit it, there is always someone better than us. Spend as much time as possible bowfishing with others who are more familiar with the waterways and possess a higher degree of experience.

Pass It On – Hunter Folmar’s love for the outdoors wasn’t an accident. While his pursuits have led him on some amazing adventures, it was his father, Brent, who sparked his initial desire and ultimate addiction to all things hunting. Brent passed his outdoor passion to Hunter by consistently making his son a valuable member of his hunting “team”. Like father, like son, Brent and Hunter offer a great example of the value in some father/son time outdoors… and they’ve got the pictures to prove it!Hunter Folmar with a Needlenose Gar. Brent, his father, is in Background with another gar.

Take someone with you on your next adventure!

Hunt hard, hunt often.


Presented at 2013 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits

Contact: Laura Evans
Crosman Corporation
7629 Routes 5 & 20 Bloomfield, NY 14469


Click here to visit!ROCHESTER, New York, (May 7, 2013) – Crosman Corporation (, international designer, manufacturer and marketer of products for the shooting sports, received two Readers’ Choice Gold awards from Predator Xtreme magazine; favorite airgun and preferred hunting pellet. The awards were announced at the 2013 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Houston, Texas and are featured in the June issue of the magazine.

Click here to visit!According to Crosman Vice President of Marketing, Jennifer Lambert, “We’re thrilled to be recognized by the readers of Predator Xtreme magazine for our excellent hunting airguns and pellets. Especially now, when hunters are having trouble finding the ammo they need for hunting, we’re glad they know they can turn to Crosman and get the job done,” she said.

Predator Xtreme magazine caters to predator and varmint hunters, and includes up-to-date information on predator calling, hunting and the gear used to be successful in the field.

The Predator Xtreme Readers’ Choice Awards invite readers of the Predator Xtreme magazine to select their favorite brands of hunting gear. “Our goal is to tip off our readers to what has been proven to work best for hunters nationwide,” says Mike Kizzire, Grandview Media and Predator Xtreme magazine publisher. “You’ll read the kind of insight that cuts through the advertising glitz and glam to help you become a better hunter. Also, you’ll have spent your hunting-gear money wisely the first time around,” he comments. Official survey results with details about the winning products appear in the June 2013 issue.

For additional information on any Crosman, Benjamin, CenterPoint product, Crosman Archery, or Game Face Airsoft products, visit the company’s Web sites at,,, or write to Laura Evans, Marketing Coordinator, Crosman Corporation, 7629 Routes 5 & 20, Bloomfield, NY 14469, email her at, or call her at (800)7–AIRGUN(724-7486).

For up-to-the-minute news from Crosman Corporation, follow us on Twitter ( and Facebook (

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About Crosman Corporation:
Crosman Corporation was founded in 1923 and has built its business on innovation and quality. It has become the most successful company in the airgun and airsoft categories, designing and manufacturing its products here and abroad, and marketing them around the world. During the past decade, the company has twice doubled its size.

Rochester, N.Y.-based Crosman Corporation is an international designer, manufacturer and marketer of Crosman® and Benjamin® airguns, CenterPoint® optics, and Crosman®, Game Face™, and Undead Apocalypse® airsoft products. Crosman is a licensee of U.S. Marine Corps airsoft, U.S. Army airsoft, and the exclusive worldwide licensee of Marlin® airguns.


Contact: Laura Evans
Crosman Corporation
7629 Routes 5 & 20 Bloomfield, NY 14469


Click here to visit!Rochester, New York, (September 6, 2012) – Crosman Corporation (, international designer, manufacturer, and marketer of products for the shooting sports, pledges to continue support of the Progressive Agriculture Foundation® (PAF) Safety Day® program.  The PAF’s mission is to provide education and training to make farm, ranch and rural life safer and healthier for children and their communities.  The PAF program trains local community volunteers and provides them with resources to organize and conduct day-long safety training sessions that include age-appropriate, hands-on learning activities.

Click here to visit!According to PAF Chief Administrative Officer, Randy J. Bernhardt, through donations from sponsors such as Crosman, the PAF has become the largest rural safety and health educational program for youth in North America.  “As a supporter of the Safety Day program since 2005, Crosman, along with our other corporate, foundation and individual sponsors, has helped us reach over one million Safety Day program participants,” he said.

“Crosman is honored to support the PAF in its collective efforts to raise awareness and safeguard future generations,” says Crosman Vice President of Marketing, Roy Stefanko.  “The positive impact conveyed through the Safety Days program is a win-win for everyone.”

Click here to visit!For additional information about PAF and Crosman, or on any Crosman, Benjamin, CenterPoint optics products, Crosman Archery, Game Face Airsoft or Undead Apocalypse Airsoft products, visit the company’s Web sites at,,, or write to Laura Evans, Marketing Coordinator, Crosman Corporation, 7629 Routes 5 & 20, Bloomfield, NY 14469, email her at, or call her at (800) 7 – AIRGUN (724-7486).

For up-to-the-minute news from Crosman Corporation, follow us on Twitter ( and Facebook (

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About Crosman Corporation:
Crosman Corporation was founded in 1923 and has built its business on innovation and quality. It has become the most successful company in the airgun and airsoft categories, designing and manufacturing its products here and abroad, and marketing them around the world. During the past decade, the company has twice doubled its size.

About the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day Program:
Since the program was founded in 1995, it has grown to become the largest rural safety and health educational program for youth in North America. For more information about PAF, visit their website at  (Progressive Agriculture Safety Day® and Progressive Agriculture Foundation® are registered trademarks of Progressive Agriculture Foundation.)

Rochester, N.Y.-based Crosman Corporation is an international designer, manufacturer and marketer of Crosman® and Benjamin® airguns, Crosman Archery products, CenterPoint® Hunting and Outdoors Precision Optics and Archery products, and Game Face Airsoft products. Crosman is the exclusive worldwide licensee for Remington®, Bushmaster® and Marlin® airguns and airsoft products.  The company is privately held.


New Valve Technology Offers Less Effort, More Velocity

Contact: Laura Evans
Crosman Corporation
7629 Routes 5 & 20
Bloomfield, NY 14469


Click here to visit!ROCHESTER, New York, (January 15, 2013) –Crosman Corporation, long known for innovation and quality in the shooting sports, has introduced the new, MK-177 multi-pump, bolt action, .177 caliber BB/pellet air rifle. The dual ammo MK-177 features new, Crosman® valve technology providing increased velocities with less effort.

“People want airguns that are uncomplicated, powerful and swift,” says Crosman Product Manager, Tom Clark. “The valve revolutionizes ease of pumping with the added benefit of providing impressive speed. Simply put, the new, MK-177 air rifle offers less work and more fun,” he said.

Click here to visit!The MK-177 is light, maneuverable and features all-weather construction with a rifled steel barrel for added accuracy. Its fully adjustable sights and velocities of up to 800 fps with BBs and up to 750 fps with pellets make it an ideal multi-use air rifle. Pump the gun three times for indoor target practice or up to ten times to achieve higher velocity for outdoor shooting and pest control. The MK-177 is fed by a 5-shot pellet clip, or pour up to 300+ BBs into the internal magazine. Every time you pull back the ergonomic bolt handle and push it forward, another BB loads. It has a full Picatinny rail on top for your choice of optics and side rails for additional accessories. “Customize this airgun with all your favorite accessories,” says Clark. “Extra storage areas are found under the rubber recoil pad,” he said.

The MK-177 is assembled in the USA and is available in black or tan. A kit version includes a red dot sight, soft-sided case, 2 pellet clips, BBs, pellets and shooting glasses.

The MK-177 has an MSRP of $129, while the kit version retails for $179. Retail availability is expected in June, 2013. Crosman Corporation will exhibit the MK-177 air rifle with its entire product line at the SHOT Show 2013 in Las Vegas from January 15-18.Visit booth number 13940.

For additional information on the Crosman MK-177, or on any Crosman, Benjamin, CenterPoint product, Crosman Archery, or Game Face products, visit the company’s Web sites at,,, or write to Laura Evans, Marketing Coordinator, Crosman Corporation, 7629 Routes 5 & 20, Bloomfield, NY 14469, email her at, or call her at (800) 7 – AIRGUN (724-7486).

For up-to-the-minute news from Crosman Corporation, follow us on Twitter ( and Facebook (

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Rochester, N.Y.-based Crosman Corporation is an international designer, manufacturer and marketer of Crosman® and Benjamin® airguns, CenterPoint® optics, and Crosman®, Game Face, and Undead Apocalypse® airsoft products. Crosman is a licensee of U.S. Marine Corps airsoft, U.S. Army airsoft, and the exclusive worldwide licensee of Marlin® airguns. 


Ultra-Lightweight PCP Air Rifle

Contact: Laura Evans
Crosman Corporation
7629 Routes 5 & 20 Bloomfield, NY 14469


Click here to visit!ROCHESTER, New York, (January 15, 2013) –Crosman Corporation, long known for creating innovative, high quality products for the shooting sports, has introduced the new Benjamin® Marauder® Synthetic.  This rugged, lightweight and well-balanced air rifle, being offered in .177, .22 and .25 calibers, complements the extremely successful hardwood Benjamin Marauder pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifles.

“The newest Benjamin Marauder PCP goes lightweight with a newly designed, ambidextrous, all-weather, synthetic stock,” says Crosman Product Manager, Tom Clark.  “Creating a lighter gun became a priority when we realized that hunters and target shooters alike were looking for lighter choices compared to traditional hardwood stocks.  You’ll notice other exciting enhancements to this air rifle’s design including an adjustable comb,” said Clark.

“The commanding new Benjamin Marauder Synthetic offers all the features needed for pest hunting and taking small to medium-sized game,” says Clark.  “The ambidextrous raised comb is adjustable for a custom fit.  The rifle also has better balance for improved carrying in the field or for long days of competitive shooting. The choked, internally shrouded, rifled barrel provides both precision and ultra-quiet operation, producing the most accurate and silent rifle in its class. The two-stage, adjustable, match-grade trigger helps make every shot smooth and steady, while the innovative multi-round magazine allows for fast follow-up shots.”

Click here to visit!“The bolt size has been increased for ease of use and, with a built-in pressure gauge and quick-disconnect Foster fittings, this gun is quick and easy to fill.  That means you can refill and return to shooting sooner,” Clark said.  “Depending on the caliber you choose, you’ll enjoy muzzle velocities ranging from 900 to 1,100 fps, shot capacities of 16-30 per fill, and foot pounds of energy from 21, with .177 caliber, all the way up to 50 fpe with .25 caliber,” he continued.

“With the new Benjamin Marauder Synthetic, hunt to your heart’s content, shoot targets, or compete with these powerful air rifles.  ‘Go beyond the backyard’ and enjoy quiet, accurate fun with this great addition to the Benjamin Marauder family.”

The Benjamin Marauder Synthetic in .177 and .22 calibers, have an MSRP of $599.  The MSRP of the .25 caliber is $649.  They will be available at retail in the summer of 2013. Crosman Corporation will exhibit the Benjamin Marauder Synthetic PCP air rifles with its entire product line at the SHOT Show 2013 in Las Vegas from January 15-18. Visit booth number 13940.

For additional information on the Benjamin Marauder Synthetic PCP air rifles, or on any Crosman, Benjamin, CenterPoint product, Crosman Archery, or Game Face Airsoft products, visit the company’s Web sites at,,, or write to Laura Evans, Marketing Coordinator, Crosman Corporation, 7629 Routes 5 & 20, Bloomfield, NY 14469, email her at, or call her at (800) 7 – AIRGUN (724-7486).

For up-to-the-minute news from Crosman Corporation, follow us on Twitter ( and Facebook (

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 Rochester, N.Y.-based Crosman Corporation is an international designer, manufacturer and marketer of Crosman® and Benjamin® airguns, CenterPoint® optics, and Crosman®, Game Face, and Undead Apocalypse® airsoft products. Crosman is a licensee of U.S. Marine Corps airsoft, U.S. Army airsoft, and the exclusive worldwide licensee of Marlin® airguns.

The Cold HEARD Truth about WildEar!

Bowhunter’s hearing amplification with shooting sports protection!

By Kevin Reese

As a tinnitus sufferer, compliments of the U.S. Marine Corps, and avid hunter, hearing has been a significant hindrance to my success in the field. While many count on hearing, sight and smell on the hunt, I have lost much of the second most critical sense we carry into the woods.

So, what’s a frustrated hunter to do? I had heard great things about the quality and customer service at WildEar so I picked up the phone and ordered the Master Series Hearing Enhancement System (HES). What a Godsend! Brad Esson sent me an information and fitting instruction kit and I scheduled an appointment with my local audiologist. I left the audiologist’s office with impressions in hand and mailed them back to WildEar. Within two weeks I had a package waiting at my front door.

What’s in the Box?

Upon opening the shipping box I found a beautifully crafted wood box with my name carved into the lid; I was immediately impressed! Opening the box I found every component neatly displayed including my WildEar Hearing Enhancement Devices (HED), a WildEar adjustable lanyard, extra plugs, a cleaning brush, identification card, extra size 13 batteries, instruction manual and an extremely nice leather carrying pouch.

After a quick read through the instructions and becoming familiar with button locations, I was ready to give my new “WildEars” a whirl. After installing the battery in the first device I immediately inserted it in my ear and continued installing the battery in the other device; while I did so, the left device cycled through a series of tones confirming that I had inserted the battery correctly and the unit was now active. After installing the battery in the second unit and firmly inserting it into my ear canal I heard the same tone; both units were active and appeared to be working properly. Once the units were powered on amplification of sounds was immediate and because the HED was created from personal impressions the fit was incredibly comfortable.

Success, One Ear at a Time!

A major benefit to WildEar’s HES is adjustability. This is the first system I’ve had the pleasure of using that incorporates comprehensive adjustability. WildEar HED’s offer four presets and numerous volume levels to optimize hearing FOR EACH EAR! Using the various presets and volume levels I quickly achieved optimum hearing; in fact, after customizing the settings and recording them on a piece of paper (I now keep folded in the leather pouch for reference) the variance in hearing from one ear to the other I had experienced for years became negligible.

From Every Direction or the Right Direction?

Another benefit was the ability to discern noise direction. Experimenting with other devices I noticed difficulty in ascertaining which direction noises were coming from. Using WildEar’s HED’s I had no problem identifying the source direction of various sounds; a critical element to hearing in the woods! In a matter of minutes I had leveled my outdoor playing field with a keen hearing ability I presume rivals that of my prey.

Hearing to Hearing Protection: From A – Z!

My Master Series HED’s were designed for a diverse range of outdoor activities including both firearm shooting and bowhunting. When rifle or pistol hunting, or during a day on the shooting range, I simply insert the vent plugs into the vent holes. The plugs seal the vent holes preventing outside noise from entering the devices. Noise is suppressed when it reaches a potentially dangerous level. My HED’s only suppressed the firearm blast then returned to hearing amplification.

While bowhunting I remove the plugs. The open vent holes allow for natural noise and air to infiltrate, eliminating any semblance of feeling “plugged up”. It’s worth noting that at any time you transition from bowhunting to shooting a firearm you must remember to install the vent plugs!

The Cold HEARD Truth!

I never realized how much I was missing the field. WildEar HED’s gave me a new lease on my bowhunting life. Now I used them for more than outdoor pursuits. Late in the evening you can now find me watching a couple of my favorite television shows… without subtitles!

The quality of workmanship was readily apparent and proven through use. WildEar accounted for every minute detail. The presentation of the product in the customized box seemed to demonstrate just how much WildEar focuses on satisfying customers; I felt like I was important to them. WIldEar has earned my trust, endorsement and recommendation. Well done, WildEar, well done!

The only con I observed is the inability to power off the devices without removing the batteries. A power button on each device would be a great addition; handling batteries while 20 feet up in a treestand can be frustrating. Considering that minor inconvenience, WildEar still earns top honors with me. I expect my WildEar HED’s will be an important part of my outdoor gear for years to come!

Many thanks to WildEar for offering premium, dependable and diverse HED’s at prices most bowhunters who take their hearing seriously can afford!

Check out WildEar’s array of premium hearing enhancement and suppression products at

Hunt hard, hunt often.